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Taunsa Barrage Info
Taunsa Barrage Info

About Taunsa Barrage

About Taunsa Barrage

Taunsa Barrage is a barrage on the Indus River in the Kot Addu Tehsil , Muzaffargarh District of Punjab province of Pakistan.

It is situated 16 kilometres from Kot AdduTaunsa Barrage was designated a Ramsar site on 22 March 1996. This barrage serves 2.351 million acres besides diverting flows from Indus River to the Chenab River through TP Link Canal.

The barrage also serves as an arterial road bridge, a Railway bridge, and crossing for Gas and Oil pipelines, Telephone lines and extra High Voltage transmission lines (EHV) . It has been recognized as the barrage with the maximum priority for rehabilitation.

Taunsa Barrage Data

Year of Const. Capacity

b/w (ft)

Clear Water way 
Off-taking Canals
Name Design Discharge. capacity
(000, cs)
Length (Canal Miles) CCA(000, Acres)
Main Branches &
1958 1,000,000 4346 3860 Muzafargarh canal 8.3 74.2 978 1,053 838
D.G. Khan canal 8.9 /14.2 69.0 1049 1,118 950
DG Khan & Rajanpur
T.P Link Canal 12 38 38

Location On Map

Latitude: 30° 43′ 28″ N

Longitude: 70° 49′ 58″ E

Taunsa Barrage was completed in 1958.The canal system fed by the Barrage initially consisted of Muzaffargarh and Dera Ghazi (DG) Khan canals .

In 2005 A Project Was Started For Emergency Rehabilitation & Modernization Of Taunsa Barrage on the River Indus whose structure had been damaged owing to soil erosion and old-age and construction of a Sub-Weir to eliminate retrogression on the downstream side and stabilize the structure. The Project Was Completed on May 2007.

In 2011, the rehabilitation of the Taunsa Barrage was blamed for devastation of the Muzaffargarh district during the 2010 Pakistan floods.



Map of Taunsa Barrage
Map of Taunsa Barrage


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